Assembling a circuit for smart pillow prototype I designed

Assembling a circuit for smart pillow prototype I designed

About me

Designer. Strategist. Cannoli enthusiast. 

I currently work for ADURO in Redmond, WA  as a UX designer. I've done work as a designer and a strategist by doing things like running design sprints to solve business problems, creating new experiences for our customers and consulting design process for various teams.

I’m originally from Chicago and have a BA in Psychology and Spanish from DePauw University. Studying the former I found always myself curious of how to apply physiological, cognitive, behavioral and social frameworks to practical problems. The latter indulged my appreciation for communication, culture, and travel.

My passion for learning lead me to a masters degree from the University of Washington in Human Computer Interaction and Design. I'm fascinated with the intersection of psychology, technology and design.

When I have the chance, I love hiking and backpacking. I do a lot of stuff on screens and it’s nice to get away from that. When in town, I make an effort to get to all the concerts and comedy shows I can.

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I do a lot of outdoor photography, trying to capture what I love so much about the natural world.